UP 7142 - Empty coal train over the Meramec River - Sherman, MO.

UP 7142 leads an empty coal train over the Meramec River at Sherman, MO.
UP 7142 - Sherman, MO
Leading an empty coal train west over the Meramec River on Union Pacific's Jefferson City Subdivision is UP 7142. The train was heading to the Power River Coal Basin for another load of coal.

While, I was on the wrong side of the bridge to get the best light, I'm still fairly happy with this shot. This was taken with an older Canon 20D. Sometimes, given the age of that camera, it amazes me what it could pull off.

January 8, 2006. Sherman, Missouri.
Photo © Tom Gatermann. All rights reserved.


All images/photographs are copyrighted © by Tom Gatermann. All rights reserved.

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