Little Rock Skyline from Junction Bridge - North Little Rock, AR

A view of the Little Rock skyline from Junction Bridge.
Little Rock skyline - Junction Bridge

Looking out at the Little Rock, Arkansas, skyline from Junction Bridge. Junction Bridge is an old railroad bridge that has been converted to a pedestrian bridge. The bridge features a lift span that is now permanently raised, to allow river traffic to pass underneath. The bridge has stairs and elevators at each end of the lift span, so that people can get from the ground up to the lift span's pathway and back down to the ground. Junction Bridge offers pedestrians a unique and easy easy way to get back and forth between Little Rock and North Little Rock.

October 13, 2016. North Little Rock, Arkansas.


  1. That's a nice shot! Looks like a lovely place for a walk. I like it in B&W.

    1. Thanks a lot, Shelly. It's a great repurposing of the bridge.


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