UP 7347 and UP 7374 - KCT Highline Bridge - Kansas City, MO

UP 7347 and UP 7374 head east onto the Highline Bridge in Kansas City.
UP 7347 and UP 7374 - Highline Bridge - KC Skyline

With downtown Kansas City in the background, Union Pacific 7347 and Union Pacific 7374 lead a westbound manifest freight train onto the east approach of the KCT's Highline Bridge. The train will momentarily be crossing over BN Crossing, at Santa Fe Junction, before crossing over the Kansas River, at Kansas City, Kansas.

Photo taken: August 27, 2005. Kansas City, Missouri.


  1. Gorgeous capture! Great with the skyline and looks perfect in B&W. FYI I have been watching a good live cam feed of the Junction on Youtube. Not sure if you are interested in something like that but this is the link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLMTV64fH2o Lots of train action to watch till I can get there in person some day. :-)

    1. Thanks a lot, Shelly.

      I have also been watching the Santa Fe Junction web camera, as of late. I usually have a browser tab open in the back ground while I work on things, and if I hear a train, I pop over to the tab to check things out.

    2. Ha! Me too! Bad thing is on the upper track they don't always blow the horn so I miss that at times. I have to keep the volume fairly low in the office. :-)


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