Lake Shore Limited, and Empire Service Train 284

Lake Shore Limited

 A couple of photographs from the past few days. The first photograph is from August 23, 2021, and iis of Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited, being led by AMTK 46 and AMTK 183. The train is traveling east on Track 2 of the CSX Rochester Subdivision, at Pottery Road (MP QC297.76).

AMTK 46 and AMTK 183 lead the Lake Shore Limited at Warners, NY
AMTK 46 & AMTK 183 on the Lake Shore Limited

AMTK 46 is painted with an emblem stating, "Connecting America for 50 years." Aside from the emblem, both AMTK 46 and AMTK 183 are painted in Amtrak's Phase V paint scheme. Both locomotives are General Electric P42DC models. Per their entry pages, AMTK 46 was built in January 1997, and AMTK 183 was built in June 2001.

Empire Service Train 284

Next up is a photograph from today (August 26, 2021). I picked up a new lens, and wanted to head out and try it out real quick. The kids and I headed out to Pottery Road, but there was a track crew working there, so we couldn't park. We instead headed down to Herman Road (MP QC299.12), which is to the west of Pottery Road (MP QC297.76). After about ten minutes I spotted the headlight of AMTK 707, in the far distance. Soon, Empire Service Train 284 rolled east on Track 2. The train was going to cross over from Track 2 to Track 1 at CP 296 (MP QC296.8), so that the train could take the lead track into the fairgrounds station stop at the New York State Fairgrounds. 

AMTK 707 leading Empire Service Train 284, at Herman Rd., in Warners, NY.
AMTK 707 leading Empire Service Train 284

AMTK 707 is a P32AC-DM, and was built by General Electric in June 1995, according to The locomotive is painted in Amtrak's Phase III paint scheme, and features an escape hatch for the crew on the nose of the locomotive. 


  1. Very nice Amtrak shots. Very nice with the trees and moody skies.

    1. Thanks a lot, Shelly. Sorry I missed this comment, way back when you originally posted it.


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