CSXT 482 leading train Q364-31 at Kirkville, NY


CSXT 482 leading Q364-31 at N Kirkville Rd.
Q364-31 passing through CP280

CSXT 482 leads train Q364-31 east on Track 1 of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision. Q364-31 is passing the block signals at CP280 (milepost (MP) QC280.39), along Saintsville Road, and is approaching the North Kirkville Road crossing. Train Q364 is a daily manifest freight train that runs from Avon, Indiana, to Selkirk, New York. Today the train had an axle count of 630, giving it a car count of 153, plus the three locomotives. The train was running with its locomotive power in a 3x0x0 configuration.

Q364-31passed through Fairport, NY., very early on the morning of September 1, 2021, at 2:50AM. It spent quite a bit of time in Syracuse before departing today because Fairport is just over an hour away from the Syracuse area.

Syracuse Terminal Subdivision

The Syracuse Terminal Subdivision (STS) is three main tracks here. The closest track is Track 4, which leads into DeWitt Yard a couple of miles west of this location. The middle track is Track 2. Track 4 begins to the east of North Kirkville Road, at CP278 (milepost QC278.4). Tracks 1 and 2 are the main through tracks, and run on the south side of the yard. The STS runs from MP QC263.8 (CP263) on the east end, where the Mohawk Subdivision ends, to MP QC296.5 (CP296), where the Rochester Subdivision starts. 

Photograph taken on September 1, 2021, at Kirkville, NY.


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