Q364-12, led by CSXT 5204, at DeWitt Yard

While passing over the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision near Destiny USA Mall, I saw the tail end of a manifest freight heading east. I decided to head over to DeWitt Yard to see if I could catch it there. I figured the chances were low at catching the train, since it had a big head start on me, but I tried anyway.

Q364-12 at DeWitt Yard

The train must have slowed to a crawl as it headed east from the Destiny USA Mall area because I managed, without speeding, to get to DeWitt Yard before the train showed up. The train turned out to be Q364-12, a daily manifest freight that travels from Avon, Indiana to Selkirk, New York. Below, the train is passing through CP285, on the western side of DeWitt Yard

Q364-12, led by CSXT 5204, at DeWitt Yard
Q364-12 passes the "Thank You Rail Roader's" sign at DeWitt Yard

 Today, Q364 was running with four locomotives in a 4x0x0 configuration, and was hauling 117 cars. Locomotives, CSXT 5204, CSXT 829, CSXT 828, and CSXT 7774 were leading the train. 

Photograph taken on September 13, 2021, at East Syracuse, NY.


  1. What are they thanking them for?

    1. Just guessing here, but it's probably a thank you for working through the pandemic.


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