The Martisco Railroad Station along the old Auburn Branch Line

While searching around on Google Maps, following the Finger Lakes Railroad (reporting mark: FGLK) mainline from Slovay, NY., I came across an old railroad station along the rail line at Martisco, NY. 

New York Central Martisco Railroad Station

Nestled among the trees, at the end of Martisco Road, is the old Martisco train station. The two-level, brick station was built in 1870, by the New York Central Railroad (NYC) to replace the original wooden built station, and sits a couple of miles north of Marcellus, NY. Martisco Station sits along the Finger Lakes Railway's mainline, which runs from Slovay, NY., to Canandaigua, NY.

Looking north toward the station, from the southside of the tracks
A trackside view of Martisco Station

The station is owned and operated by the Central New York Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society (CNYCNRHS). The station houses a museum as well as a library, featuring railroad related items and documents. 

Looking southwest down the mainline at the station
Looking southwest down the mainline

According to the CNYCNRHS this rail line was part of the original main line that connected Albany, NY., and Buffalo, NY., and was built by the Syracuse and Auburn Railroad. Eventually, this rail line became part of the NYC, and once the NYC's newer line (part of the Water Level Route) connecting Syracuse and Buffalo, NY ., was built to the north of here, the line became a secondary route known as the Auburn Branch.

A rusting steam locomotive display at the Martisco Station
A steam locomotive on display at the station

Railroad cars sitting in the weeds to the east of Martisco Station
Railroad cars sitting in the weeds to the east of Martisco Station

Today, the FGLK Railway makes good use of the rail line, as can be seen by the shiny tops of the rail heads, on the tracks above. These days, the old Auburn Branch only runs between Slovay, NY., and Canandaigua, NY.  The tracks west of Canandaigua, are no longer used.

Looking westward along the Finger Lakes Railway's mainline
Looking west from the station

Below, one of the old NYC mileposts still stands next to a flange/rail greaser that is equipped with a solar panel to run a electric pump. These are just to the west of the station.

An old milepost along the rail line, just to the west of Martisco Station
Milepost 11 and a solar powered greaser, just to the west of Martisco Station

Photographs taken September 16, 2021, at Martisco, NY.


  1. What a nice looking station. Glad they are keeping it up so well and using. Can't say the same for the locomotive. :-) An interesting one with the high boiler.

    1. Thanks, Shelly. I agree, it's great to see the station being taken care of.

      Hopefully, soon, I'll be able to catch a Finger Lakes Railway train passing by this station.


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