CSXT 3448 leading intermodal train Q003 on the Rochester Subdivision

CSX train Q003-10 kicks up fallen leaves from the ground

 Back on October 10th, I headed over to Pottery Road, near Warners, New York, to see if I could catch a train or two on CSX's Rochester Subdivision. After waiting for half an hour or so, I heard a westbound train set off the defect detector at milepost (MP) 291.9, of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision. The detector reported no defects, so I knew a train would be approaching from the east soon.

Q003-10, led by CSXT 3448 and CSXT 3034

Soon I heard the roar of the train's locomotives in the distance, and then a short time later the crossing gates at Pottery Road came on and the gates came down. Around the curve came CSXT 3448 and CSXT 3034 leading priority intermodal train Q003-10. Q003 is a daily intermodal train that runs from South Kearny, New Jersey, to Bedford Park, Illinois (near Chicago). 

Q003-10 rounds the curve, east of Pottery Road
Q003-10 rounds the curve, east of Pottery Road.

Q003 carries priority domestic intermodal cargo. Today, Q003-10 wasn't losing any time, and was moving fast at Pottery Road (MP 297.76 on the Rochester Subdivision). As the train rounded the curve it kicked up a lot of fallen leaves from the ground. 

Leaves are blown up into the air by Q003-10 at Pottery Road
Leaves are blown up into the air by Q003-10.

Soon, I heard the rumble of CSXT 3234, the mid-train distributed power unit (DPU), nearing. The train was running with a 2x1x0 locomotive configuration, on this day. 

CSXT 3234 is the mid-train DPU on Q003-10.

Photographs taken on October 10, 2021, at Warners, New York.


  1. Nice shots! The leaves blowing one is neat.

    1. Thank you very much, Shelly. The leaves being blown up into the air by the train is my favorite of the three.


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