CSXT 952 leading manifest train Q368-17 at Warners, NY.

 The other day my oldest decided that October 19th, was Train Day, so while out running errands we made our way to the CSX Rochester Subdivision.

Manifest train Q368-17

We didn't have to wait long for a train. As we got to the Pottery Road crossing, near milepost 298, we saw the headlight of eastbound train Q368-17. Q368 is a daily manifest freight train that runs from Chicago, Illinois, to Selkirk, New York. 

CSXT 952 leading manifest train Q368-17 at Warners, New York
Q368-17 approaching milepost 298.

Q368-17 was being led by CSXT 952, a General Electric built ES44AC-H. CSXT 952 was built in November of 2011, per RRPicturesArchives.net. CSXT 952 was the only locomotive at the front of the train. Q368 did have a mid-train DPU, which is not shown here.

The old milepost, on the bottom left of the photograph, is from the days when this line was owned by the New York Central Railroad. The milepost count up from Grand Central Terminal in New York City. Many of these milepost still stand along this rail line.

Photograph taken on October 19, 2021, at Warners, New York.


  1. Train Day. That's nice. To me it's always "Train Day" but that is really cute. Lovely image with the trees.

    1. Thanks, Shelly.

      Everyday is train day for me as well.


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