CSXT 3152 leads train Q363-07 at Kirkville, NY.


CSXT 3152 leading Q363-07 along Saintsville Road
CSXT 3152 leading Q363-07 along Saintsville Road, nearing CP280.

CSXT 3152 leads manifest freight train Q363-07 west along Saintsville Road, at Kirkville, New York. Q363-07 is on Track 2 of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision, nearing CP280 (milepost (MP) QC280.5), and is just a mile and a half from CSX's DeWitt Yard. The eastern edge of DeWitt Yard is between MP QC282 and MP QC282.5. In the distance a van waits at the Kirkville Road North railroad crossing, which is at MP QC280.

Q363 is a daily manifest train that originates in Selkirk, New York, and its destination is Avon, Indiana. This train doesn't stop to work DeWitt Yard, but from what I've read online, it does stop to work Frontier Yard, in Buffalo, New York; CSX's yard in Ashtabula, Ohio; Collinwood Yard, in Cleveland, Ohio; the yard at Crestline, Ohio.

Photograph taken on November 7, 2021, at Kirkville, New York.


  1. Envious of your accessibility to DeWitt Yard. :-)

    1. This spot is one of my favorites. I like incorporating Saintsville Road into the long straight away views. And the yard does have a few nice places that are publicly accessible, however, much of it is not.


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