CSXT 6025 and CSXT 994527 on W001-19 at DeWitt Yard

 Yesterday, CSX's track geometry train W001-18 came south on the St. Lawrence Subdivision. After getting to Syracuse, New York, it stayed the night at DeWitt Yard in East Syracuse. This morning, I decided to venture out and see if I could find it parked over at the yard. 

Snow flurries fall as CSXT 6025 sits with W001-19 at DeWitt Yard
CSXT 6025 (GP40-2) sits with W001-19 at DeWitt Yard.

With snow flurries falling, I found the geometry train, on a spur track. The spur track is on the south side of DeWitt Yard, and is to the east of I-481 and north of Manlius Center Road. Unfortunately, it was not easily accessible due to the area around it being private property.  

CSXT 994527 (ex-SP 9020, ex-AMTK 2696 & AMTK 2451)

CSXT 6025 and W001-19 at DeWitt Yard
CSXT 6025 and CSXT 994527 on W001-19 at DeWitt Yard.

I was surprised to see the first car of the train wearing Southern Pacific (SP) lettering and colors. From information I found online, the ex-SP car was purchased by CSX in 2020. photographs found online, it has been used on CSX's geometry track trains since then, and has been renumbered as CSXT 994527.

According to Railway Preservation News (http://www.rypn.org), the Budd Company built the sleeping car for the SP. It was delivered to the SP in 1950, as sleeper car number 9020. In 1971, Amtrak acquired ownership of the car, until 1995, when the sleeper was retired. While owned by Amtrak, it was first numbered 2696. In 1980, the ex-SP sleeper was upgraded with a handicap roomette and head end power (HEP). After the upgrade, it was numbered 2451, and named "Birch Grove." Amtrak retired the Birch Grove in 1995, and it was sold to a private owner. Later, it was sold again to the Cincinnati Railway Company, and numbered 800736. The sleeping car was painted back into SP colors at some point after Amtrak sold the car.

Photographs taken on November 19, 2021, at East Syracuse, New York.


  1. Very nice in the snow shots! You can keep that though. We have been around 60 and I like that better. LOL

    1. Thanks, Shelly. I'm looking forward to getting more snow shots. It's been quite a while.


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