CSX intermodal train I009 kicks up snow at Memphis, NY.

 With fresh snow on the ground, the youngest and I headed out to Memphis, New York, to catch the Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited, and any other train that might come along on CSX's Rochester Subdivision.

I009-17, led by CSXT 7914

After arriving at Memphis, New York, I saw the control point (CP) signals to the east at CP300, in Warners, New York, were lined for the eastbound Lake Shore Limited (LSL) on Track 2. However, before the LSL showed up the headlight of CSXT 7914, leading priority intermodal train I009-17 (Port Newark, NJ. to Bedford Park, IL.), appeared to the east of CP300 (milepost QC 300.7). Memphis is at milepost 302.6. 

CSXT 7914 and train I009 kick up a cloud of snow at Memphis, NY
CSXT 7914 and train I009-17 kick up a cloud of snow at Memphis, NY.

Less than two minutes later, I009-17 (the 17 is the date the train originated on) came hustling through town at 59MPH on Track 1, kicking up a cloud of snow. Within seconds of the locomotives passing, the scene became engulfed in the cloud of snow. Below, about one hundred feet in front of the camera is I009. Some might say that the photograph below is the best train photograph I've ever taken. 
I009-17 has disappeared into a cloud of snow at Memphis, NY
I009-17 has disappeared into a cloud of snow at Memphis, NY.

Photographs taken on January 18, 2022, at Memphis, New York.


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