CSXT 7252 and CSXT 4535 leading CSX train I004 at Warners, NY.

 With some snow still on the ground, I decided to head out a catch a few trains before the great thaw occurs over the next few days. For the first time in almost a month, our temps are supposed to get above freezing for a few days, plus some rain on Wednesday. 

CSXT 7252 and CSXT 4535 leading I004

I heard I004-30 (the 30 represents the day the train originated on) calling out block signal indications as it made its way east along the Rochester Subdivision. The train was rolling east at a speed of between 50 to 55 MPH, according to the defect detectors along the line. I caught the train as it headed east at milepost 298.

CSXT 7252 and CSXT 4535 lead I004-30 east along Warners Road
This view is looking north from Warners Road, as I004-30 rolls east, just west of Pottery Road.

I004 is a daily priority intermodal train that originates at Bedford Park, Illinois, near Chicago, Illinois, and runs to South Kearny, New Jersey. Between Bedford Park and South Kearny, the train passes through Garrett, Indiana, Deschler, Ohio, Cleveland, Ohio, Buffalo, New York, Syracuse, New, and Selkirk, New York.

Rebuilt CSXT 7252

CSXT 7252 is a rebuilt CM44AC. The locomotive was originally built by General Electric as a CW44AC and was numbered CSXT 321.  According to RR Pictures Archive, the locomotive was built in March of 1998. GE and Wabtec are rebuilding the locomotives. Major upgrades that the rebuilt locomotives feature includes updated cab signals and Positive Train Control (PTC), as well as newer traction motors. 

Photograph taken on January 31, 2022, at Warners, New York.


  1. Very nice! So how do you know what the detectors say? Do they display for anyone to see? I've never seen or at least noticed one so not sure how they work.

    1. The detectors broadcast their information over the subdivision's American Association of Railroad radio frequency ( https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?aid=7747 ). If you buy a radio scanner you can tune into them and listen. However, here in my area, there is someone who has a receiver sight set up along the line that streams the radio feeds over the Internet on Broadcastify.com ( https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/27776 ). If you don't have a membership on the site, you can still listen for free, you just have to listen to one short ad when you start the feed. This feed combines the road and dispatcher channels into one.


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