CSXT 2561 switching intermodal cars at DeWitt Yard

 While hanging out on the "Green Bridge" in Minoa, New York, last Sunday, I captured some photographs of CSXT 2561 switching a block of intermodal cars on the east end of DeWitt Yard near CP282. The locomotive had pulled the long cut of cars onto Track 1 of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision (STS) at CP282, since Track 4 was going to be blocked by a track inspector. 

CSXT 2561

CSXT 2561 was built as Louisville and Nashville (LN/L&N) 4051. The locomotive is a GP38-2 and was built by Electro-Motive Division (EMD) in 1972. The L&N became a subsidiary of the Seaboard Coastline Railroad (SBD/SCL) in 1971. In 1982 the L&N was fully absorbed into the SBD/SCL. Sometime between February 1983 and May 1984, the locomotive was re-lettered as SBD 4051. 

CSXT 2561 is shoving a block of intermodal cars from Track 1 at CP282
CSXT 2561 is shoving a block of intermodal cars from Track 1 (to the left) of the STS at CP282.

In 1980, the locomotive became part of CSX Corporation's railroad family when the SBD/SCL merged with the Chessie System of railroads. In 1986, CSX began painting locomotives in its paint scheme. By April 1990, the locomotive had been repainted in CSX's original gray paint scheme and re-lettered as CSX 2561. By looking at photographs of the locomotive on RR Pictures Archive, the locomotive was painted into its current scheme by July 2003.

CSXT 2561 shoves the intermodal cars west down the Departure/Outbound Lead
The intermodal cars are being shoved (westward) down the Departure/Outbound Lead to the Departure Yard. The two masts without block signals are for a high car detector (HCD). The block signal to the left is for CP282.

Photographs taken on May 7, 2022, at Minoa, New York.


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