CSXT 6538 and CSXT 8060 switching at CSX's DeWitt Yard

CSXT 6538 and CSXT 8060 switching at DeWitt Yard
CSXT 6538 and CSXT 8060 are shoving back at the high car defect detector at the western end of Track 4. In the distance a train is working on the North Drill Lead.

CSXT 6538 and CSXT 8060 are switching a string of intermodal cars at DeWitt Yard. The locomotives initially pulled the intermodal rail cars east from the Departure Yard on the Departure Lead to Track 1 of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision at Control Point (CP) 282. Then began shoving the rail cars back into the Departure Yard. After capturing the locomotive duo from the Green Bridge, I went over to a trail head parking lot to the west to get a side view.

In this view, taken from a trailhead parking lot, the locomotive duo shoves back on the Departure Lead toward the Departure Yard. In the background is the Local Yard.

Photographs taken on June 25, 2022, at Minoa, New York.


  1. Very nice images! I hope to do this kind of thing but don't have access to a good railyard like you do. I have to drive a bit to get to an active one.


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