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This site was originally started using posts from my old Google+ profile. I was able to export the Google+ posts and import them into a Blogger blog just before Google+ was shut down in early 2019. Many of the posts on this site are still in a social media format, rather than a blog format, due to the way this site was started. This is why you will see some posts that have hashtags and very short descriptions in them. Slowly, things like that will go away as I clean the posts up.

If you used to follow my photography on my old website, The Web Yard (hosted at gatermannt.homeip.net), this site is its replacement.  If you choose, you can follow me here by subscribing in a number of ways.


All images/photographs are copyrighted © by Tom Gatermann. All rights reserved.

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CSX 7570 - TRRA Merchants Subdivision - St Louis - July 2008