UP 8183 & UP 6184 - Green Signal on the Chester Subdivision

UP 8183 and UP 6184 have the green signal at Menard Junction on the Chester Subdivision
UP 8183 and UP 6184 - Menard Junction - Chester, IL

After having to wait at Menard Junction for another train to pass, Union Pacific 8183 and Union Pacific 6184 get the green signal and lead their coal train south past the signal on track two of the Union Pacific Chester Subdivision. In the background is the of the bridge over the Mississippi River at Chester, that connects the states of Illinois and Missouri.

Photograph taken: February 5, 2005, at Chester, Illinois.


  1. Been on disability so long I'm thinking I might forget railroad signals.

  2. It's probably like riding a bike. Once you know how to, you can't ever really forget.

  3. Been 2 months now, with about another 4 to 6 months to go.

  4. I forgot how to railroad after a week off ;)


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