UP 8183 - Menard Junction - Chester Subdivision - 2/5/05

UP 8183 - Menard Junction - Chester Subdivision - 2/5/05
UP 8183 - Menard Junction - Chester, IL

A train hauling automobile frames rolls south on track one of the Union Pacific's Chester Subdivision, while a coal train lead by Union Pacific 8183 pulls up to wait on track two at Menard Junction. After the train with the automobile frames cleared the junction, UP 8183 got the green signal to proceed south.

Menard Junction

Menard Junction (milepost 61.0) can be a bottle neck at times because heading south from the junction, the Union Pacific Chester Subdivision goes from two main tracks to one main track. South of Menard Junction the line alternates between one and two main tracks the rest of the way to Charleston Junction (milepost 171.9) in Dexter, Missouri. North of the junction, for sixty-one miles, between Menard Junction and Valley Junction (milepost 0.0), in East St. Louis, Illinois, the Chester Subdivision has two main tracks.

Photograph taken: February 5, 2005, at Chester, Illinois.


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