UP 6758 - Jefferson City Subdivision - St. Louis MO - 2/1/05

UP 6758 leads a train west on the Jefferson City Subdivision, at St. Louis, MO.
UP 6758 - St. Louis, MO

On the point of an empty coal train is Union Pacific 6758, which is leading an empty coal train with two patched ex-Southern Pacific locomotives west on the Jefferson City Subdivision. The empty coal train at milepost 4.0 on the subdivision, and is nearing the South Kingshighway Boulevard overpass, which is just behind where this photograph was taken from. The train is beginning its trek across Missouri to Kansas City. From Kansas City the train will head back to Wyoming's Powder River Coal Basin for another load of coal.

Photograph taken: February 1, 2005, at St. Louis, Missouri.


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