Old Power House at Niagara Falls

July 8, 2013. Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Looking toward the old power house building that is up river from Horseshoe Falls.

© Tom Gatermann.


  1. What an incredible capture, Tom! Awesome.

  2. Thanks a lot, ᙅYᙖᙓᖇ ᗪOᙅ™!

  3. That's very cool and interesting! Do you know if it is still used?

  4. Thanks, Shelly Gunderson. The power station is no longer used. It's been unused, I believe, since the 1970s. I watched a video about it that stated it was shut down due to the underlying bed rock starting to fracture from the intense vibrations from the power generators. I also read that it was shut down due to newer hydro plants being built in the Niagara Falls area.

  5. Here's a link to the video I watched on the power station. It's fairly short, just over 3 minutes. youtube.com - Niagara Power Generating Plant


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