Loveland Pass

September 6, 2013.

A truck carrying automobiles makes its way down the steep grade of Loveland Pass (U.S. Highway 6) on the eastern side of the Continental Divide. According the the Colorado Department of Transportation, the grades on this highway are as high as six percent. With an elevation of 11,992 feet, the road reaches the second highest elevation of a Colorado mountain pass, one spot behind Independence Pass (State Highway 29) which reaches 12,095 feet.

Photo © Tom Gatermann.


  1. Great image! I am pretty sure I have been on that road.

  2. Not sure I would want to be driving that truck 😊

  3. Man, this looks like such a fun and picturesque road to travel at high speeds!

  4. Some still like to take the old road.
    if you have any kind of a hazardous material placard at all you are not allowed to go through the Eisenhower Tunnel or any permitted load you must take the old us 6 Loveland Pass you have no choice or do like I used to sometimes and drop out the Denver down I25 to Pueblo hop on Highway 50 over Monarch Pass and take the scenic route through Montrose and Gunnison on in the Grand Junction and continue West on I 70 😎🚛☕

  5. Great image, Tom! I too have been up and down that road -- it is a fun one!

  6. Thanks a lot, Charles van Dijk.

    Thank you, Shelly Gunderson.

    That driver was taking those turns slowly, Jim Robertson. They are very tight radius curves.

    It's a beautiful road to travel on, ᙅYᙖᙓᖇ ᗪOᙅ™. Best taken at the speed limit or slower.

    Greetings, Đoka Ćutak.

    If I was driving a big truck, I'd much rather take the tunnel, but as you said, there are restrictions, Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist.

    Thanks a lot, Brian Christian.


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