An end-of-train of device (FRED) on a Union Pacific train on the Chester Subdivision

An end-of-train (EOT) device, commonly called a "FRED" (flashing-rear-end-device hangs on the end of a southbound train traveling on Union Pacific's Chester Subdivision. For those who may not know, these devices are what replaced railway cabooses. They transmit information about the train, such as air brake pressure, to the locomotive, where the crew can see the information.

With the wide openness of the land along the Chester Subdivision in this area photograph can capture both the front and end of the trains here in a single image.

Photo taken: November 6, 2005. Chalfin Bridge, Illinois.
Photo © Tom Gatermann.


  1. Doesn't look as neat as a caboose though. Miniaturization at work again.

    Thanks for explanation Tom

    1. I agree, Jim. Cabooses have a human connection, which is completely lost with this small electronic device.


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