BNSF 7826 And The Tumbleweed

Photo © Tom Gatermann
BNSF 7826 is on the point of a parked grain train sitting next to State Street, on which a tumbleweed is slowly rolling down. These tracks are owned by the Terminal Railroad Association (TRRA), and are just north of the TRRA's Madison Yard. Here is another image of this same train a bit more from the side. Behind BNSF 7826, is ex-Santa Fe locomotive painted in the Warbonnet paint scheme.

Photo taken on: November 25, 2011, at Madison, Illinois.


  1. Very nice shot of my favorite line. Interesting catch with the tumbleweed. I could have sworn I commented on the other pic which I liked as well.

    1. Thanks, Shelly.

      You probably did comment on the other photo of this train over on G+. Back when we were nearing the end of G+ I stopped posting photos directly there and would post them here, but then I would publish my blog post to G+. So, you probably commented over there. However, all of those near-the-end comments are lost to time now that G+ is gone.


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