Aerial Views at TRRA's Grand Avenue Interlocking - St. Louis, MO

BNSF 7824 and BNSF 7039 sit on the Hannibal Subdivision waiting to roll through Grand Interlocking.

In this first photograph, BNSF 7824 and BNSF 7039 are seen sitting on the BNSF Hannibal Subdivision (the tracks curving in from the left side) at Grand Interlocking. The train was waiting for clearance to proceed east, through the interlocking and onto the TRRA Merchants Subdivision. The other set of tracks that curve in from the right side of the photograph are Union Pacific's Jefferson City Subdivision. After the BNSF train makes its way onto the TRRA Merchants Subdivision, it will head toward north St. Louis, where the train will get back on to the Hannibal Subdivision at North Market Interlocking. The road way in the photograph is the Chouteau Avenue overpass.

A close up of BNSF 7824 and BNSF 7039 waiting at Grand Interlocking.

This second image shows a closer view of the BNSF train as it sits waiting to proceed through the interlocking. Grand Interlocking is one of the busiest railroad junctions in the St. Louis area. Amtrak, BNSF, TRRA, and UP trains all pass through this junction. Amtrak trains that pass through the interlocking include the Missouri River Runner trains that run between St. Louis and Kansas City, as well as the Texas Eagle.
An aerial view looking westward at Grand Interlocking.

In this third photograph, the view is looking westward from the east side of the Grand Blvd. overpass, which crosses right over top of Grand Interlocking. The tracks that curve in from the middle, right of the photograph are the Metrolink tracks. In the distance is a small yard called Sarpy Yard that sits next to the UP Jefferson City Subdivision.

This photograph is looking to the southwest, from Grand Interlocking. The tracks with the tank car train are the BNSF Hannibal Subdivision. The tracks to the right, on the other side of the buildings between the two sets of tracks, are UP's Jefferson City Subdivision.


  1. Those are really cool images! Great info as always. How did you get them, from the arch, plane?

    1. Thanks a lot, Shelly. I actually took these from a helicopter. I had to go up and take some photographs for my employer at the time, and after the business part of the flight was taken care of, the pilot flew me around on a little tour of the more popular St. Louis sites. Little did the pilot know that the railroad sites we flew over were also of interest to me.

    2. How cool and lucky for you! Bet that was a great experience!

    3. It was definitely a great experience.


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