BNSF 4926 - TRRA Grand Interlocking - St. Louis, MO

BNSF 4926 rolls east through Grand Avenue Interlocking, next to the Metrolink Station.
BNSF 4926 leads a train east past the Grand Boulevard Metrolink station, at Grand Interlocking. The train is crossing over Union Pacific's Jefferson City Subdivision, and is coming from BNSF's Hannibal Subdivision and onto TRRA's Merchants Subdivision. BNSF uses the Merchants Subdivision between Grand Interlocking (just west of downtown St. Louis) and North Market Interlocking (in North St. Louis, between North Market and Branch Street). At North Market Interlocking BNSF's trains can get back onto the Hannibal Subdivision.

Since this photograph was taken, the Grand Boulevard overpass has been replaced, and the Metrolink station has been rebuilt and reconfigured. The bridge in the background is the old Spring Avenue  overpass, which has since been torn down, but not replaced. The Spring Avenue overpass had been closed for many years prior to being demolished.

October 30, 2006. St. Louis, Missouri.


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