Amtrak trains on the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision

Over the last month I've captured a number of images of Amtrak trains on the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision. I decided to put them together in one post, moving along the subdivision from east to west, the direction that the milepost count up from.

AMTK 711 leading Empire Service train P063 at CP280

The first Amtrak train for this post is train P063, led by AMTK 711, heading west at CP280 (milepost (MP) 280.5) on the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision. CP280 is along Saintsville Road, in Kirkville, New York, and is about a mile and a half to the east of DeWitt Yard. The STS here has three main tracks. Track 2, the southern most track, is next to Saintsville Road; Track 1, which P063 is on, is the middle track; and Track 4 is the northern most track. 

On October 2, 2021, P063, led by AMTK 711, splits the signals for Track 1 and Track 2 at CP280.

P063 normally runs as Amtrak's Maple Leaf train, but due to the current US-Canadian border restrictions the train was reclassified and an Empire Service train. Under normal circumstances, P063 runs from New York City to Toronto, Ontario, but currently, the train terminates at Niagara Falls, New York.

The STS starts to the east of CP280 at CP263 (MP QC263.8), at Sand Hill Road in Oneida, New York. The mileposts mark the distance from Grand Central Terminal in New York City.

AMTK 707 leading Empire Service train P284 at DeWitt Yard

Moving west along the STS, the next photograph is of Empire Service train P284. P284, led by AMTK 707, is eastbound on Track 2 (the southern most track) of the STS at CP285 (MP QC286.0). CP285 is on the western edge of CSX's DeWitt Yard in North Syracuse, New York. 

AMTK 707 leads P284 east at CP285 on the west side of DeWitt Yard
On September 22, 2021, AMTK 707 leads P284 east at CP285 on the west side of DeWitt Yard.

Behind P284 is a westbound CSX intermodal train is departing DeWitt Yard. The intermodal train is on one of the two departure lead tracks that lead to/from Track 1 at Bridge Street. 

AMTK 115 & AMTK 142 leading the Lake Shore Limited at DeWitt Yard

In another view, at DeWitt Yard, is AMTK 115 leading the Lake Shore Limited east through CP285. This view is from the parking lot behind the Tractor Supply in East Syracuse. Behind the Bridge Street overpass are some old New York Central (NYC) coaling towers from the days when this rail line and yard were part of the NYC. 

AMTK 115 & AMTK 142 lead the Lake Shore Limited east, at CP285.
On October 2, 2021, AMTK 115 & AMTK 142 lead the Lake Shore Limited east, at CP285.

AMTK 701 leading Empire Service train P284 at CP291

Moving west, our final Amtrak train is Empire Service train P284-30, led by AMTK 701. P284-30 is eastbound at CP291 (MP 291.5) on Track 2 of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision (STS). Behind P284-30 is CSX intermodal train Q017-29 (now renamed to I017) going west on Track 1 of the STS. P284-30 is just about a minute away from arriving at the Syracuse Regional Transportation Center.

AMTK 701 leads Empire Service train P284 east at CP291
On September 30th, 2021, AMTK 701 leads Empire Service train P284 east at CP291.

 The STS at CP291 skirts around the southeastern end of Onondaga Lake. The lake is just on the other side of the trees behind the two trains. The street in the foreground of the photograph is Harborside Drive, which runs between Destiny USA Mall and the tracks. CP291 is also where CSX's St. Lawrence Subdivision connects with the STS.

The STS ends to the west of here at CP296 (milepost (MP) 296.5), where the CSX Rochester Subdivision begins. Originally, the STS was part of CSX's Mohawk. CSX created the STS out of the western end of the Mohawk Subdivision back January of 2011, per a forum discussion on

The green platform, in the lower left corner, is the now unused Carousel Center station platform. The station served the, now defunct, commuter railroad operation OnTrack. OnTrack operated from 1994 to 2008, before being discontinued.


  1. Very nice shots! I have to travel to see an Amtrak train come through.

    1. Thank you, Shelly.

      There are eight Amtrak trains that make their way through Syracuse, so I have plenty to see if I want. I'm guessing the Southwest Chief would be the closest for you to see?


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