AMTK 108 on the Lake Shore Limited, plus CSXT 3471 leading Q004-14

With rain falling in the Central New York area on Wednesday, my son wanted to go find some trains, so we headed out to see what we could find on CSX's Rochester Subdivision. Initially, we drove west to Memphis, NY. While driving there we heard on the scanner a train going through the defect detector there. The hot box detector at that location reported that the detector was malfunctioning. When we got to the Bennetts Corners Road crossing, which is just to the east of the detector, I spotted a CSX maintenance worker working on it. 

AMTK 108 and AMTK 125 leading the Lake Shore Limited

I decided to start working our way back east along the line, and when we crossed the bridge over the tracks at Warners, NY., I spotted a headlight in the distance, to the west of town. As we were driving east toward Pottery Road I heard the Memphis defect detector (mile post QC302.6) go off, reporting an axle count of 52. That told me that it was the Lake Shore Limited. We got to the Pottery Road crossing to the east of Warners, just in time to catch AMTK 108 leading the Lake Shore Limited east at the crossing. 

AMTK 108 and AMTK 125 lead the Lake Shore Limited at Pottery Road
AMTK 108 leading train P048-14 east on Track 2

The bridge in the far distance, past the block signals, is the Warners Road bridge, which is the bridge I spotted the headlight of AMTK 108 from. The bridge is approximately 2.3 miles (3.75 km) west of Pottery Road.

CSXT 3471 leading Q004-14

Next up, about a half an hour later, was CSXT 3471 leading priority intermodal train Q004-14 (the suffix of 14 is the date the train originated on) at Pottery Road. Here Q004-14 is rolling past the old New York Central 298 milepost. The milepost is about a quarter of a mile west of the crossing. 

CSXT 3471 leading Q004-14, at Pottery Road near Warners, NY.
CSXT 3471 on the point of Q004-14 at MP 298

Train Q004 is one of CSX's priority intermodal trains, and runs from Bedford Park, IL.,  to South Kearny, NJ. Today, the track detector at Memphis reported an axle count of 476. The train had three locomotives, running in a 2x1x0 configuration. CSXT 5296 was the second locomotive, while CSXT 781 was serving as the mid-train distributed power unit.

Colorful containers sit in well cars on CSX train Q004-14
Looking west, at double-stack containers on Q004-14

Photographs taken on September 15, 2021, at Warners, NY.


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