AMTK 108 (Phase VI 50th), plus CSXT 35 with CSXT 4005 at Kirkville, NY

AMTK 108 and AMTK 101 leading the Lake Shore Limited

 After taking the kids to Lewis Park in Minoa, NY., we decided to head over to Kirkville, NY., to catch Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited, with AMTK 108 leading the train. We got lucky, and also caught a CSX manifest freight leaving DeWitt Yard.

Control Point 280 on the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision

After finding a nice spot along the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision (STS), along Saintsville Road, at Town Isle Road, and getting attacked by New York's native "bird", the mosquito, we had to move east a bit more. 

Looking east along Saintsville Rd. toward CP280
Looking east toward CP280, while being eaten alive by mosquitos

After driving east a short distance, we found another nice place to pull off of the road at CP280 (located at milepost (MP) QC280.39). Thankfully, there were no mosquitos at this spot.

CP208 at milepost QC208.39 on the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision
CP280 on the Syracuse Terminal Sub., along Saintsville Rd.

The STS here has three tracks. Track 2 is closest to the road, then Track 1 in the middle, and Track 4 is the furthest track. Saintsville Road runs along the south side of the STS here, between Minoa Road (to the west) and North Kirkville Road (to the east).

AMTK 108 "Connecting America for 50 Years"

After a short wait the headlight of AMTK 108 appeared as the Lake Shore Limited left DeWitt Yard. Within a minute, the train was quickly rolling past us on Track 2, while a manifest freight slowly left the yard on Track 4, in the distance.

AMTK 108 and AMTK 101 lead the Lake Shore Limited along Saintsville Rd. at Kirkville, NY
The Lake Shore Limited on the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision

AMTK 108 is painted in Amtrak's Phase VI paint scheme, and features lettering commemorating Amtrak's 50th anniversary. Today's Lake Shore Limited would be terminating in Rensselaer, NY., due to damage on the Hudson Line caused by the remnants of hurricane Ida.

CSXT 35 and CSXT 4005 at CP280

A short time later, CSXT 35 and CSXT 4005 finally lugged their manifest train east to CP280. This train was slowly moving east down Track 4 of the STS, and sounded like it was underpowered. In the first photograph, below, you can see the block signals at CP282 on the eastern end of DeWitt Yard.

CSXT 35 & CSXT 4005 crawling east on Track 4 of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision
CSXT 35 & CSXT 4005 on Track 4

From the south side of Saintsville Road, the train continues to slowly move east on Track 4 of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision. 

Looking west down Saintsville Road and the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision
Looking west down Saintsville Road and the STS

The last two photographs of this post are closer views of CSXT 35 and CSXT 4005, as they finally made it to to CP280.

A closer view of CSXT 35 and CSXT 4005, near CP280
CSXT 35 and CSXT 4005, near CP280

CSXT 4005, an SD40-3 rebuild, at CP280
CSXT 4005, an SD40-3 rebuild, at CP280

Photographs taken on September 3, 2021, at Kirkville, NY.


  1. Great images. Nice Amtrak shot. Had to laugh at the Mosquito comment. Nice to see you posting regularly again.

    1. Thanks, Shelly. It's feels good to be posting regularly, again.

      The mosquitos up here in CNY are nuts. I've never seen so many, and such big ones.


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