CSXT 3453 leading Q162-13, plus the Milepost 309 marker

While driving toward Memphis, New York, I heard the track defect detector at Memphis (milepost QC302.6) go off for Amtrak train P284-14. The defect detector reported the train to be traveling 81 MPH, so I  knew there was no chance of catching P284.

Q162-13, with CSXT 3453

The first, and only, train I photographed today was train Q162-13, which was sitting just to the west of the Bonta Bridge Road crossing, at Jordan, New York. Q162-13 had CSXT 3453 as the only locomotive on the front of the train. The train did have CSXT 3283 serving as the distributed power unit (DPU) on the rear of the train.

Q162-13 with CSXT 3453 leading at Bonta Bridge Road
CSXT 3453 on the point of Q162-13

Q162-13 had been stopped to the west of CP308 (milepost QC308.7) to allow a number of trains to pass by it on Track 1, before it would cross over to Track 1 from Track 2 to proceed east. I believe Track 2 had a maintenance worker checking something near milepost 297.76 (Pottery Road) further east of here.

CSXT 3453 at Bonta Bridge Road, near Jordan, NY
A tighter shot of CSXT 3453

Q162 is a daily intermodal train that runs from North Baltimore, Ohio, to Port Newark, New Jersey. 

NYC Milepost 309

Still standing along the former New York Central (NYC) line, now CSX owned, are many old mileposts. The mile posts appear to be either concrete or stone. At milepost 309, the old NYC mile post still stands, near Pump Road and Hall Road. The miles count up, coming from Grand Central Station in New York City. 

Old NYC mile post 309 still stands at Pump Road and Hall Road
Milepost 309 at Pump Road

Photographs taken on September 14, 2021, at Jordan, New York.


  1. Cool old mile post marker. Neat find.

    1. Thanks, Shelly. There are lots of these old New York Central mile posts still along the line here. The route was part of the old NYC's route from New York City to Buffalo, NY.


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