CSXT 728 and CSXT 7018 leading train I009-02 at Brutus, NY.

 With fresh snow on the ground from an overnight snowfall, my youngest and I headed out to catch a train or two while running errands yesterday. We wound up along the CSX Rochester Subdivision at Pump Road in the Town of Brutus, New York. Brutus, New York, is in Cayuga County, to the west of and across the county line from Jordan, New York, in Onondaga County

I009-02 led by CSXT 728 and CSXT 7018

Approaching Pump Rd. CSXT 728 and CSXT 7018 hustle I009-02 west on Track 1 at CP308
From about 190 feet above ground level, CSXT 728 and CSXT 7018 hustle I009-02 west on Track 1 at CP308.

After arriving at Pump Road, I heard the defect detector (DD) at milepost (MP) 302.6 go off and report to the train's crew that there were no defects. This DD is located about six miles to the east in Memphis, New York. Soon, the headlight of CSXT 728 appeared to the east beyond the NY Route 31 overpass (MP 307.84) in Jordan, New York. Within a few minutes, I009-02 was quickly rolling through CP308 (MP 308.7). CP308 is a control point just to the east of Pump Road (MP 308.95). The train's length stretched across the snow-covered landscape for over a mile, probably closer to a mile and a half.

I009 is a daily priority intermodal train that originates at Port Newark, New Jersey, and runs to Bedford Park, Illinois, just outside of Chicago, Illinois. The train stops at North Bergen, New Jersey, and Syracuse, New York, to pick up and set out intermodal cars. The suffix "-02" of the train's symbol is the date the train originated on at Port Newark, New Jersey. Since there are daily I009 trains, the suffix is what allows the railroad to keep track of the individual trains.

I009-02 rolls west past the old NYC 309 milepost, along Hall Rd. to the west of Pump Rd
I009-02 rolls west past the old NYC 309 milepost (to the left of the brighter red container).

As I009-02 rolled away from our location the train passed by the old New York Central (NYC) milepost 309, which stands about 230 feet to the west of Pump Road, on the south side of the tracks. Soon the train would be passing through Weedsport, New York, a few miles to the west of Pump Road. Hidden behind the trees on the right side of the snow-covered field is I-90.

NYC's old milepost 309 still stands west of Pump Road
NYC's old milepost 309 still stands west of Pump Road.

Later in the day, we made our way to Memphis, New York, where we caught trains I004-02 and P063-03.

Photographs taken on March 3, 2022, at Brutus, New York.


  1. That is a lot of freight being moved every day. I suspect very few people are aware of it all going on "behind the scenes".

    1. It really is a lot of freight, and this is just one of 14-16 intermodal trains that rumble across this line every day. Plus, all of the other types of trains, which equates to an average of forty trains a day on the rail line. But, as you said, behind the scenes there is so much activity that makes these trains possible.

  2. Great shots! I would love to be able to take ones like the first 2. Looking into getting a drone more seriously. Love the old mile marker too.

    1. Thanks, Shelly. I highly recommend picking one up. I'm very happy with the DJI Mini 2 I have. I went with the Mini 2 instead of the Mini because the Mini 2 has 4K video and can capture in photos in the RAW format.


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