Q212-01, led by CSXT 136 and CSXT 563, departs DeWitt Yard

CSXT 136 leads train Q212-01 out of DeWitt Yard at Minoa, New York

Back in early October, I was over on the eastern end of DeWitt Yard, at CP282 of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision. I was taking photographs from up on the "Green Bridge," a pedestrian bridge that crosses over the train tracks, between North Main Street and South Main Street.

Q212-01 departing DeWitt Yard

While up on the "Green Bridge" taking photographs of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision's (STS) main tracks at CP282, I saw an intermodal train snaking its way east out of the intermodal yard next to CP283 in the far distance. Below, you can see the intermodal train making its way east, to the right of CP283. CP283 are the block signals on the signal bridge in the far distance.

A westward view of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision, from CP282 to CP283, at DeWitt Yard.

The train turned out to be Q212-01, led by CSXT 136 and CSXT 563. Q212 is a daily intermodal and automotive train that runs from Frontier Yard, in Buffalo, New York, to Oak Island Yard, in Newark, New Jersey. The train makes a stop to work DeWitt Yard.

Q212-01 makes its way toward CP282 on the eastern side of DeWitt Yard.

CSXT 136 and CSXT 563 are both General Electric built AC44CWs. CSXT 136 was built in 1996, and CSXT 563 was built in 2002, per RRPicturesArchive.net.

Q212-01 at CP282, takes the switch to diverge from the yard lead to get to main Track 1 of the STS.

Above, Q212-01 is diverging from the yard lead, which leads to Track 4 of the STS, to head to Track 2 for its eastward run out of DeWitt Yard. Q212-01 was heading to Track 2 because manifest train Q560-01 was coming out of the yard on another yard lead that also leads to Track 4 of the STS.

CSXT 112 leads Q560-01 east at DeWitt Yard, while train Q212-01 is to the left.

The STS has three main tracks between CP282 and CP278. The southern track is Track 2, the middle track is Track 1, and the northern track is Track 4. A lot of trains working on the eastern side of DeWitt Yard, like Q560-01, will pull down Track 4, before shoving back into the yard. 

Photographs taken on October 2, 2021, at Mino, New York.


  1. This really seems to be a great spot for train watching. Some really nice shots.

    1. It is a great spot. Though, it does require some work due to the pedestrian bridge having chain-link fencing which encloses it, and some power lines near by.


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