CSXT 3325 - St. Lawrence Subdivision - Syracuse, NY.

While over in East Syracuse, New York, at CSX's DeWitt Yard, I heard CSX local B777-21 call the dispatcher for a track warrant, from milepost QMF23.2 on CSX's Fulton Subdivision down to milepost QMF7.2 at Woodard, NY. I was too far away from the Fulton Subdivision to catch B777-21, since I was catching a "race" between intermodal trains I009-20 and I017-21 at DeWitt Yard. But I figured that maybe I could catch B777-21 after finishing up at DeWitt and running an errand in East Syracuse.

CSXT 3325 at CP291

At Woodard, the Fulton Subdivision connects with CSX's St. Lawrence Subdivision. I thought that I might be able to catch B777-21 somewhere near Woodard. As I was making my way to Woodard, along Onondaga Lake Parkway, I spotted CSXT 3325 leading a train south on the St. Lawrence Subdivision. At first I thought this might be B777-21, but the long length of the train and the intermodal containers at the front told me that this probably wasn't. This train may have been CSX train Q621, which runs from Massena, New York, to DeWitt Yard in East Syracuse, New York.

CSXT 3325, with train B777-21, sits north of CP291
CSXT 3325 sits north of CP291, on the St. Lawrence Subdivision

 I was too late to set up a shot along the parkway, so I turned around and headed back south to Harborside Drive, at Destiny USA Mall. On the north side of Harborside Drive sits CP291 of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision (STS). CP291 is where the St. Lawrence Subdivision connects with the STS. You can park on the mall parking lot, and look straight across Harborside Drive at the St. Lawrence Subdivision. 

Photograph taken on October 21, 2021, at Syracuse, New York.


  1. Nice catch. Looks like you are having some lovely autumn colors too.

    1. Thanks, Shelly.

      Our colors are weird here this year. Some of the leaves started turning to their fall colors back in late August, then the change seemed to pause. Then we got small patches of color here and there for months. Now things seem to be kicking into high gear with the leaves changing colors.


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