Fall colors in Onondaga County, New York

I first saw trees leaves changing colors in late August, but then it seemed nature hit the pause button and color change stopped. However, recently the leaves began to change again. With many of the leaves here in Central New York finally starting to change into their fall colors I have gone out a few times trying to capture some of the colors. 

Thompson Road, at Camillus, NY.

The below two photographs were taken near Nine Mile Creek Aqueduct, along Thompson Road. These views are looking eastward as the road curves and twists its way through the fall foliage. 

Fall colors along Thompson Road
Colorful leaves along Thompson Rd.

Fall colors along twisting Thompson Road
A twisting Thompson Road, surrounded by color.

Pottery Road, at Warners, NY.

While out waiting for a train to at Pottery Road, in Warners, NY., I spotted this sliver of yellow leaves being highlighted by the mid-afternoon sunlight. 

A sliver of color on some leaves is highlighted by the sun
A sliver of yellow among green.

Fog shrouded hilltop along Warners Road

While driving down Warners Road, I took a turn onto Sheets Road. When I turned around on Sheets Road, to head back to Warenrs Road, I was treated with a  colorful view over the tree tops. This photograph is looking south from the top of a hill on Sheets Road. The tree top and hill top are south of Warners Road (Route 173). 

Looking south, at a fog topped hill top along Warners Road
Fog shrouds a hill top south of Warners Road.

The Erie Canal Trail at Memphis, NY.

The last photograph for this post is looking along the Erie Canal Trail. This view is looking west, from Bennetts Corners Road.

A westward view along the Erie Canal Trail at Memphis, NY.
Looking west down the Erie Canal Trail.

Concrete arch and railway line at Martisco, NY.

Along Route 174 in Martisco, New York, I saw the trees starting to change on the other side of this archway. The archway supports the rail line of the Finger Lakes Railway. The line runs between Solvay, New York, and Canadaigua, New York.

Looking through the archway over Route 174
Looking through the archway over Route 174

Below, the view is looking west down the Finger Lakes Railway's mainline from Martisco Station. The archway over Route 173 is along the tracks straight portion in the photograph. 

Westward view down the Finger Lakes Railway's tracks at Martisco
Looking west from Martisco Station

Photographs taken in October of 2021, in Onondaga Country, New York.


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