Waiting for Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited at DeWitt Yard

On a partly cloudy morning in East Syracuse, New York, I was waiting at on the western end of CSX's DeWitt Yard for Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited. While waiting, I was able to catch two other trains at the yard.

CSXT 112 and CSXT 5350 leading Q560-01

The first train I caught was Q560-01, a daily manifest freight train that runs from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Selkirk, New York. Along the trains journey to Selkirk, it makes a stop at DeWitt Yard to drop off and pick up cars. Below, at Bridge Street, Q560 comes around the curve on Track 1 of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision (STS) at CP285. Behind the bridge and train are the old New York Central coaling towers

Train Q560-01 rolls through CP285, with the old NYC coaling towers in the background
CSXT 112 leads Q560 at CP285

Below, CSXT 112 and CSXT 5350 lead train Q560-01 onto the New Lead, from Track 1 of the STS. The block signals on the cantilever signal bridge control the yard's departure lead tracks.

Q560-01 moving east on the New Lead at DeWitt Yard
Q560-01 eastbound on the New Lead at DeWitt Yard

Q115 being switched by CSXT 3390 and CSXT 479

While train Q560-01 continues east through the rail yard in the background, CSXT 3390 and CSXT 479 switch intermodal train Q115, which had arrived at DeWitt Yard over night from Worcester, Massachusetts. Q115 terminates at DeWitt Yard.
CSXT 3390 switching Q115 under I-481
CSXT 3390 and CSXT 479 switching Q115 under I-481

AMTK 115 leading the Lake Shore Limited

A short time later, AMTK 115 and AMTK 142 hustled the Lake Shore Limited east through CP285 at DeWitt Yard. The train had departed the Syracuse Amtrak station a few minutes earlier and was on its way to the next stop at Rome, New York.

Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited rolls east on the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision at DeWitt Yard
Eastbound on Track 2 of the STS

Photographs taken on October 2, 2021, at East Syrcuse, New York.


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