Q626 working at CSX's DeWitt Yard, plus intermodal I004-07

Earlier this month I was over at the "Green Bridge" (a pedestrian bridge) on the eastern edge of CSX's DeWitt Yard. While there, I caught CSX train Q626-07, led by CSXT 5447, working at the yard. While Q626-07 was working the yard, intermodal train I004-07 (formerly train Q004) came through on the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision.

CSXT 5447 leading Q626-07 at DeWitt Yard

Q626 is a daily manifest freight train that runs from Frontier Yard, in Buffalo, New York, to Selkirk Yard, in Selkirk, New York. Q626 makes stops at Goodman Yard in Rochester, New York, Waste Management in Fairport, New York, DeWitt Yard, in East Syracuse, New York, and Utica, New York.

CSXT 5447 leading Q626-07 at DeWitt Yard.

When I got up to the top of the Green Bridge, CSXT 5447 was pulling a string of rail cars from the yard tracks on the north side of the yard, that are along North Central Avenue. The train moved east, and after passing the Green Bridge it continued down Track 4 of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision.

A switchman rides on the side of a hopper car, as Q626 backs up.

The train then slowly shoved back into the yard down a different track, while the switchman was riding on the rear car. Soon, the switchman would climb down to the ground as the train continued its approach to the string of cars waiting to be coupled back onto Q626-07.

The train crew member walks along Q626-07 at DeWitt Yard.

Once Q626 was couple backed together, the switchman began walking along the train to a spot further back. Above, Q62607 stretches into the distance to the Fremont Road overpass. The block signals are for CP283, which is just east of the overpass.

Q626-07 couple back together at DeWitt Yard,
with I004-07 in the far distance.

As Q626-07 slowly headed east, through CP282, and down Track 4, intermodal train I004-07 appeared in the distance at CP283. I004 (formerly Q004) is a daily intermodal train that runs from Bedford Park, Illinois, to South Kearny, New Jersey.

I004-07, eastbound, approaching CP282 on Track 2 of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision.

Photographs taken on November 8, 2021, at Minoa, New York.


  1. Very nice images and description of what was going on. Love the perspective of the first image heading towards the switch.

    1. Thanks a lot, Shelly. Glad you liked the write up as well.


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