CSXT 3013 leading CSX Q363, and CSXT 822 leading Q368

With some snow still on the ground, after a late November snowfall, I managed to get over to Kirkville, New York, for a bit to see what the railroad action was like.

CSXT 3013 leading Q363-29

CSXT 3013 leading Q363-29 at Kirkville, New York
CSXT 3013 leading Q363-29 at Kirkville, New York.

After arriving, I saw Q368-27 working on Track 4 of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision. I also noticed the control point (CP) signals at CP280 were on. Usually, the signals for Tracks 1 and Track 2 are not on when only a train is working on Track 4. Soon a headlight far to the east appeared, and a few minutes later train Q363-29, led by CSXT 3013, came west on Track 1, passing alongside Q368-27. Train Q363 runs daily from Selkirk, New York, to Avon, Indiana. 

CSXT 822 leading Q368-27

CSXT 822 leading Q368-27 through CP280, at Kirkville, New York
CSXT 822 leading Q368-27 through CP280, at Kirkville, New York.

After Q363-29 was gone, I went further east along Saintsville Road to see what was on the point of Q368-27. As I was driving east, the train had finished up working at DeWitt Yard, and had received clearance to depart, and head to CP278. CSXT 822 was leading Q368 slowly east, and I caught the train as it was coming through CP280 (milepost 280.5), on Track 4 of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision. Q368 is a daily manifest train that travels from The Belt Railway of Chicago's Clearing Yard to CSX's Selkirk Yard in Selkirk, NY.

Photographs taken on November 29, 2021, at Kirkville, New York.


  1. Very nice winter shots. Trains around here are not quite as reliable these days to get shots of easily when there is snow on the ground or falling.

    1. All of the Class 1 railroads, except for BNSF, have gone down the precision scheduled railroad (PSR) rabbit hole. Fewer trains, but longer trains. From what I've read and been told this line saw anywhere between 50-60 trains a day, bus now it's around 40 trains a day. But the trains are on average 7,500 feet long. Many reach upwards of 10,000+ feet long.


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