CSX trains K685 and K686 passing at Warners, NY.

While out and about today, I heard a CSX "K" train call out over the radio feed. A "K" train on CSX is a bulk commodity train, such as a tank car train carrying oil or ethanol. When the crew called out for a clear signal, they called out BNSF 5192 as the train's leader. Foreign power (another railroad's locomotive) is fairly rare these days on the CSX Rochester Subdivision due to CSX trying to limit foreign power on the railroad, so I decided to try and catch it.

BNSF 5192 leading CSX train K636-12

The youngest and I headed over to Warners, New York, and wound up getting to the Herman Road crossing just as the headlight of BNSF 5192 was just beyond the bridge in the background. Within a few minutes, K636-12 rolled east on Track 2 of the Rochester Subdivision. This stretch of track is between milepost (MP) QC299 and MP QC300. K636 is a loaded ethanol train that runs from Bensenville, Illinois, to Linden, New Jersey. The train is handed off to CSX from Canadian Pacific at Bensenville.

BNSF 5192 leads K636-12 east at Warners, NY
BNSF 5192 leads K636-12, a loaded ethanol train, east at Warners, NY.

UP 2538 and CP 9753 leading K635-09

As K636-12 rolled by, I turned around to look to the east and I spotted the headlight of a west bound train in the far distance. It turned out to be tanker train K635-09, an empty ethanol train, led by Union Pacific (UP) 2538 and Canadian Pacific (CP) 9753. K635 runs from Sewaren, New Jersey, to Bensenville, Illinois, where it is handed off to CP. 

UP 2538 and CP 9753 lead train K635-09 west at Warners, NY
UP 2538 and CP 9753 lead train K635-09, an empty ethonal train, west at Warners, NY.

As the end of K636 rolled by the front of K635 I missed the timing trying to capture UP 2538 and CP 8031 side-by-side. I was constrained by the crossing gate on the north side of the tracks, and by the time I was able to move to take the shot, the front of CP 8031 was already disappearing behind UP 2538. Win some, lose some.

K635-09 and K636-12 pass at MP 299, near Herman Road
K635-09 and K636-12 pass at MP 299, near Herman Road.

Photographs taken on January 13, 2022, at Warners, New York.


  1. Still caught it though,, the CP one. Great variety of road engines caught. The BNSF is my fav railroad due to always loving ATSF since I was young so that pic is my favorite. :-)

    1. There is not a lot of foreign power these days on the CSX lines, so this was a nice change.


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