Waiting at CP-320 for CSXT 1973 "Chessie System" at Savannah, NY.

 CSX's latest heritage unit, CSXT 1973, commemorating the Chessie System, made an appearance in Central New York (CNY) on July 4th. The locomotive was leading intermodal train I157-03. With the family in tow (and for some reason my wife deciding to come along with us) we headed to Savannah, New York, to see it. 

Looking eastward across the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge as I003-04 rolls west under the cantilever signal bridge at CP-320.
I003-04 rolls west under the cantilever signal bridge on the western edge of CP-320.

  Shortly after arriving at Control Point (CP) 320 of CSX's Rochester Subdivision in Savannah, NY., the first train to make an appearance was I003-04. I003 was making it's daily trek from South Kearny, NJ, to Bedford Park, IL. Bedford Park is a suburb of Chicago, IL.

X363-03 rolls under the EAS cantilever signal bridge at CP-320.

  Amtrak's Empire Service train P281 was next, but I skipped photographing it. Then came X363-03, led by CSXT 3410 and CSXT 5350. X363 is an extra (X) M363. X363 was running M363's normal route from CSX's Selkirk Yard in Selkirk, NY., to Avon Yard in Avon, Indiana. Sometimes X trains will originate or terminate at different places than the normal train. 

CSXT 1973 "Chessie System" leads I157-03 west through CP 320 at Savannah, NY.
CSXT 1973 "Chessie System" leads I157-03 west through CP 320 at Savannah, NY.

  Finally, and with the sun light now facing dead on the front of westbound trains, I157-03, led by CSXT 1973 rolled through CP 320. CSXT 1973 is the second heritage locomotive of twenty-one (I believe) eventual locomotives to be painted honoring a former railroad that became part of CSXT. The other heritage units currently operating are CSXT 1827 and CSXT 1982. CSXT 1827 honors the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and CSXT 1982 honors the Seaboard System. 

  A quick side note. You can't see it in these photographs, but approximately 2,200 feet east of the cantilever signal bridge is the western edge of the long Seneca River bridge (aka Montezuma trestle). The bridge is just under 1,800 feet long and plagued by slow orders. Recently, maintenance-of-way (MoW) crews have been doing test pilings for a future new bridge.

Photographs taken on July 4, 2023, at Savannah, NY.


  1. That's a good amount of freight being moved through one small(ish) area. You seem to know in advance what locomotives will be pulling and that's why you specifically went out?

    1. This line is CSX's main route between the Northeast and Chicago, IL. It is very busy. On average there are about 32 freight trains a day, plus eight Amtrak trains. The line seen here was part of the New York Central's famed Water Level Route from New York to Chicago.

      There are networks of railifans that monitor and log what locomotive are on what trains. The information gets posted on various Facebook groups and other sites.

  2. Very nice images! Great catch of the heritage unit, I like the look of it. A really great spot for activity! 8 Amtrak trains alone, wow!

    1. Thanks a lot, Shelly. Somehow, I missed this comment when you made it back in July.


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