CSXT 1982 "Seaboard System" heritage unit at East Syracuse

I007-28, led by CSXT 1982 and CSXT 877, is shoving east under the westbound absolute signal at CP-286.
I007-28, led by CSXT 1982 and CSXT 877, is slowly passing under the westbound absolute signal at CP-286 in East Syracuse, NY.

  Last week CSX's Seaboard System heritage unit, CSXT 1982, made an appearance in Syracuse. CSXT 1982, along with CSXT 877, led intermodal train I007-28. I007 is a daily train runs from North Bergen, NJ., to Rose Lake, IL., (just outside St. Louis, MO). Along the way I007 stops to work DeWitt Yard in East Syracuse, NY. The train also stops to work at Avon, IN. 

CSXT 1982 and CSXT 877 stopped at CP-286 of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision, while waiting to shove I007 east into DeWitt Yard.
CSXT 1982 and CSXT 877 sit at CP-286 waiting to reverse and shove east toward DeWitt Yard. In the background are the steeples of St. Matthews Catholic Church.

  CSXT 1982 was the third heritage unit to be painted at CSX's Waycross, GA., paint shop. The number 1982 signifies the year that the Seaboard System came to be, from a merger of the Seaboard Coast Line and the Louisville and Nashville railroads. According to CSX's website, "the Seaboard System was the first step under the CSX Corporation holding company to combine all of the company's heritage railroads into one."

I007, led by CSXT 1982, is stopped now at CP-285 waiting to shove east further into DeWitt Yard
I007-28 is stopped at CP-285 waiting to continue shoving east onto the Departure Yard Lead at CSX's DeWitt Yard. 

  The Seaboard System Railroad operated as part of CSX Corporation from 1982 until 1986. In 1986 the railroad was renamed to CSX Transportation. In 1987 the Chessie System, CSX's other major railroad was merged into CSX to form one unified railroad. 

CSXT 1982 and CSXT 877 are shoving I007-28 east down the Departure Yard Lead at DeWitt Yard past I019-28.
I007 is shoving eastbound on the Departure Yard Lead, while I019-28 is stopped on Main 1. In between are the intermodal cars from I159-28, which are sitting on the controlled siding at DeWitt Yard in E. Syracuse, NY.

Photographs taken on July 28, 2023, at East Syracuse, New York.


  1. Very nice images. Quite the contrast with the smoke filled skies in the other post. I really like these Heritage units.

    1. I didn't like them at first. I thought the modern CSX cab paint scheme was weird, but the design of these heritage units has really grown on me.


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