BNSF 614 at Mount Pleasant, IA

BNSF 614 (GE C44-9W), still in its Santa Fe Warbonnet paint scheme, and BNSF 1018 (GE C44-9W) lead a train of corn syrup tank cars east at the Goodyear Road overpass.

The original image was captured on a 35mm transparency (Kodak Ektachrome) using a Canon A2E film camera and a 70-200mm Canon lens. The image was converted to digital using a copy-slide set up. I took an old retail camera box and cut a hole in the top of the box just large enough for a transparency to sit over. Then I mounted a flash via an off-camera cord in the lower part of the box to fire and expose the transparency. This was all done on a basic copy stand setup.

Photo taken: July 29, 2004, at Mount Pleasant, Iowa.


  1. Great image,like the composition.  I have a friend who calls all the tankers syrup cars whether they have oil or really syrup because she would rather think it's all good and sugary.  :-)

  2. Thanks Shelly Gunderson.

    That's pretty funny. I'd like to think these tankers were full of sugary goodness destined for my favorite beverage, Coca-Cola.


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