BNSF 614 - Warbonnet - Ottumwa Subdivision - 7/29/04

BNSF 614 - Warbonnet - Ottumwa Subdivision at Mount Pleasant, IA.
BNSF 614 and BNSF 1018 - Mount Pleasant, IA
BNSF 614 (GE C44-9W), in the Santa Fe Warbonnet paint scheme, and BNSF 1018 (GE C44-9W) lead a train of corn syrup tank cars east at the Goodyear Road overpass.

BNSF 614

BNSF 614 was built in 1994, for the Santa Fe Railway by General Electric, and is a C44-9W model. The locomotive was built about a year or so before the Burlington Northern Railroad and the Santa Fe Railway began their merger, which was officially finalized in late 1996. The locomotive still has Santa Fe lettering on both of its sides, but the front of the cab has been re-lettered with BNSF. At the time of the photograph, the BNSF was officially named the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway, but is now officially named the BNSF Railway.

About the image

The original image was captured on a 35mm transparency (Kodak Ektachrome) using a Canon A2E film camera and a 70-200mm Canon lens. The image was converted to digital using a copy-slide set up. I took an old retail camera box and cut a hole in the top of the box just large enough for a transparency to sit over. Then I mounted a flash via an off-camera cord in the lower part of the box to fire and expose the transparency. This was all done on a basic copy stand setup.

Photo taken: July 29, 2004, at Mount Pleasant, Iowa.


  1. Great image,like the composition.  I have a friend who calls all the tankers syrup cars whether they have oil or really syrup because she would rather think it's all good and sugary.  :-)

  2. Thanks Shelly Gunderson.

    That's pretty funny. I'd like to think these tankers were full of sugary goodness destined for my favorite beverage, Coca-Cola.


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