BNSF 614 Rounding The Curve

July 29, 2004. Lockridge, Iowa.

BNSF 614 (GE C44-9W), still in its Santa Fe Warbonnet paint scheme, and BNSF 1018 (GE C44-9W) lead a train of corn syrup tank cars east on the BNSF Ottumwa Subdivision. It is unknown whether or not the tank cars were actually carrying loads of corn syrup or where empty. Rain was falling as this photograph was taken.

The original image was capture on a 35mm transparency, which was then copied and converted to digital using a Canon DSLR combined with a Sigma macro lens. Lighting for the copy slide setup was provided by a single flash connected to the camera via an off-shoe cord.  Post processing was done with Nik Software's Dfine 2 and Adobe Photoshop CC.

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  1. And why destroy this paint scheme? Wow eye popping contrast and great safety color to boot! Luscious.

  2. Roger Diotte, it is definitely an eye-catching paint scheme. One of the best in my opinion.


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