SLCC 101 Sits at St. Louis Union Station

SLCC 101 (F9A) sits in one of the rail storage tracks at St. Louis Union Station. The locomotive was part of Rail Cruise America's dinner train that operated out of Union Station. The dinner train operation was shut down sometime in 2005 and later on the various locomotives and passenger rail cars were sold off to the Kansas City Southern Railroad. The locomotives, two F9As and two F7Bs, were then sold to Norfolk Southern for use on NS' executive/business train. I believe most of the passenger cars were retained by KCS for use on their executive/business train.

Photo taken: December 9, 2004. St. Louis, Missouri.


  1. Nice!  Sad it shut down but glad the locos and cars got more use.

  2. Aaron Adams 

    I'm not sure if Kansas City Southern kept all of the cars they purchased from Rail Cruise America or if they sold some of them off. I do know the locomotives went to Norfolk Southern.


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