Rail Cruise America - SLCC 102 (F9PHA) - St. Louis Union Station - 12/24/04

SLCC 102 sits under the train shed at St. Louis Union Station in December 2004.

On Christmas Eve in 2004, Rail Cruise America's (RPCX) St. Louis Car Company (SLCC) 102 sits under the train shed at Union Station. SLCC 102 (an EMD F9PHA) was one of the locomotives used for a dinner train that was based out of Union Station. Unfortunately, in just over a year the dinner train service came to an end, and the locomotive and other rolling stock was sold off. The locomotives were eventually sold to Norfolk Southern, while the passenger cars made their way to Kansas City Southern for use on the two railroads executive/business trains.

Photo taken: St. Louis, Missouri. December 24, 2004.


  1. Thanks Shelly Gunderson​.

    The rumor is that the station's new ownership group is trying to get another dinner train based at the station. Though I'm not sure if it will ever happen. Only time will tell.

  2. That would be great if they could.  I guess it depends on interest.  I'd love to do it if I were a bit closer.  Might even travel for that.

  3. There is a dinner train that started up in Columbia, MO and has been running for a few years. It's called the Columbia Star Dinner Train. It's painted up in one of the old Wabash Railroad paint schemes. I have yet to try it out though.

  4. Tom Gatermann they were charging about $70 a plate last time I checked. I think they're running once a month over the Columbia Terminal's track. And thank God NS restored the original contours on the pilots when they rebuilt those F units.

  5. Intersting, thanks for the info Eric George.


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