KCSM 4546 and LETX 8858 On The UP Chester Subdivision

KCSM 4546 and LETX 8858 are southbound on the Chester Subdivision, with the JB Bridge in the background.
Kansas City Southern de Mexico (KCSM) 4546 and Larry's Truck & Electric (LETX) 8858 (EMD SD40T-2) are south bound on the point of Union Pacific train, ZYCHOB 13. This is a high priority train running between Yard Center near Chicago, Illinois, and Houston, Texas. In the background is the J.B. Bridge, which carries Interstate 255 across the Mississippi River, between South St. Louis County, in MO., and Columbia, IL.

KCSM 4546 is a GE built locomotive, model GE AC44CW.

Photo taken: October 14, 2007. Columbia, Illinois.


  1. Did the lead unit originally begin as a TFM unit or did it begin as a Kansas City Southern unit? Just had to ask 'cause I know that many ex-KCS units were allocated to its Mexican affiliate while several of KCS de Mexico's ex-TFM units have often been allocated to the American parent company.

  2. According to RR Pictures Archive, KCSM 4546 started out as a TFM unit.


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