NS 6783 - Hole In The Wall - UP Springfield Subdivision

NS 6783 is nearing "Hole in the Wall" on UP's Springfield Subdivision.
NS 6783 (ex-Conrail) nearing Hole In The Wall

Here, Norfolk Southern (NS) 6783, a former Conrail (external link) locomotive, leads a manifest freight train south on the joint trackage next to the north approach. The train will take the switch just ahead of it, go to its left, and pass through "Hole In The Wall." "Hole In The Wall" is the name given to a pass through on the joint Union Pacific (UP) and Kansas City Southern (KCS) trackage in East St. Louis that passes under the TRRA's north approach to the MacArthur Bridge. The UP and KCS share trackage between Valley Junction, located in East St. Louis, Illinois, and Godfrey, Illinois, to the north of here. The grain cars to the left of the photograph are on a track that serves a facility along the East St. Louis riverfront.

NS 6783 exiting "Hole in the Wall" on the UP Springfield Subdivision.
NS 6783 (ex-Conrail) exiting Hole In The Wall

NS 6783 is now coming out from under the north approach to the MacArthur Bridge, through "Hole In The Wall" on UP's Springfield Subdivision. From here, the train will head toward Valley Junction, however, I'm not sure of where the train's final destination was. It's possible this train was destined for either the KCS yard in East St. Louis, or it could have taken the interchange track at Valley Junction and then head south on UP's Chester Subdivision.

According to RR Picture Archives (external link), NS 6783 was built as CR 5533 (an EMD SD60M) in 1993.

These images were originally captured on a 35mm transparency film, and converted to digital using a digital camera slide copy setup. Post processing was done in Camera RAW and Photoshop.

Photos taken: December 26, 2004. East St. Louis, Illinois.


  1. Great shots! Interesting info as always. Particularly like the "hole in the Wall" shot.


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