UP 2979 - Trailer Train - Milepost 10 - Chester Subdivision

UP 2979 leads a trailer train south at DD Road on UP's Chester Subdivision.

Union Pacific 2979 (an EMD SD40-2) and an unknown Norfolk Southern unit lead a trailer train south at mile post 10 on Union Pacific's Chester Subdivision. The train is approaching the DD Road crossing, just to the south of Interstate 255. In the background, the train is passing under the Interstate 255 overpass.

From here, the train will continue south on the Chester Subdivision down into southern Illinois, passing through the town of Chester, Illinois, which the rail line is named for. After, continuing south from Chester, it will pass through Gorham, Illinois, where the Union Pacific's Mount Vernon Subdivision meets up with the Chester Subdivision. Eventually, the train will cross over the Mississippi River into Missouri, from Thebes, IL. Once in Missouri, it  will travel on into Arkansas, and most likely on toward Texas. Though, it could also have headed toward the Memphis, Tennessee area.

About the image

The image was scanned from a Kodak Ektachrome slide, using a Nikon Coolscan 9000 ED film scanner. The file was scanned as a Nikon NEF (RAW) file, and then post processing was done in Adobe Camera RAW and Adobe Photoshop.

Photo taken: May 1997. Columbia, Illinois.


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