CP 5982 and CP 5776 - EMD SD40-2 - Signal Bridges - Gorham, IL.

CP 5982 and CP 5776 Passing Under Signal Bridges At Gorham, Illinois
CP 5982 and CP 5776 - Gorham, IL

Canadian Pacific (CP) 5982 and CP 5776 lead a trailer train under the old signal bridges at Gorham, IL. The train was heading north on Union Pacific's (UP) Chester Subdivision, and it would eventually make its way to the St. Louis area, via Dupo, IL. Both of these locomotives were built as EMD SD40-2 models. CP 5982 was built in January, 1981, and CP 5776 was built in February 1976.

These signal bridges date from the days when this line was a former Missouri Pacific (MoPac) line, before the Union Pacific acquired the MoPac in 1982. While both of these signal bridges look to still be visible on Google Maps' satellite view, many of the old MoPac era signal bridges along this line are now gone. The signal bridge in the background (middle right of the photograph) is a cantilever type signal bridge.

This train was a surprise, and quite a different sight from the standard parade of Union Pacific Amour Yellow locomotives that haul trains along the Chester Subdivision. When my friend and I caught this train at Gorham, it started a train chase that took us back north toward the St. Louis area. Along the way we were able to catch the train two more times. In addition to this location, we caught the train crossing the Kaskaskia River, near Modoc, Illinois, and then again at Fults, Illinois.

The original image was captured on a 35mm slide. After the image was converted to digital, editing was done in Adobe Camera RAW and Photoshop.

Photo taken: May 2003. Gorham, Illinois.


  1. Very nice image! Yes, I notice I don't see many signal bridges any longer.

    1. Thanks a lot, Shelly.

      Yeah, signal bridges are becoming an endangered thing. The BNSF's Transcon used to be littered with them, and they made for some really nice framing of trains. Most are being replaced with vertical tri-color block signals, with "Darth Vader" sun shades.


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