BNSF 972 - Hannibal Subdivision - St. Louis, MO

BNSF 972 Hannibal Subdivision
BNSF 972 Eastbound On The Hannibal Subdivision at South Kingshighway Blvd.
BNSF 972 at S. Kinghighway Blvd.

On a hot summer day, in August 2006, I caught BNSF 972 leading a train eastbound on BNSF's Hannibal Subdivision, at South Kingshighway Boulevard. in St. Louis, Missouri. The train had just left BNSF's Lindenwood Yard, a few miles to the west of here, and was making its way toward Grand Interlocking.

BNSF 972

BNSF 972 was built for the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe in August of 1996, and it is a General Electric C44-9W model. At the time when the locomotive was built, the Burlington Northern and the Santa Fe railroads had been merged into the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Corporation, which happened in September 1995. The official merging of the two railroads did not occur until December 1996, at which time the railroad was named the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway. In 2005, the railroad was renamed to the BNSF Railway, however, many people prior to this official name change referred to the railway and the BNSF.

Hannibal Subdivision 

This portion of the Hannibal Subdivision runs between Lindenwood Yard, to the west, and Grand Interlocking, to the east. At Grand Interlocking BNSF 972's train would get onto the Terminal Railroad Association's Merchants Subdivision, and then continue east, and then north to North Market Interlocking, where the train would get back onto the Hannibal Subdivision.

Heritage I paint scheme

BNSF 972 is wearing BNSF's Heritage I (H1) paint scheme. This was the first official BNSF paint scheme applied to the railroad's fleet of locomotives, after the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe merger. At present there are three variations of BNSF heritage paint scheme. Up until the H1 paint scheme BNSF's locomotives mostly retained the paint schemes of their former railroad's, however, many of the locomotives were "patched." A patched locomotive means that the locomotive retained the paint scheme of the previously owning railroad, but it was re-lettered and sometimes renumbered for the current owning railroad.

There were also some BNSF locomotives that were on order and being built when the merger occurred. Some of those locomotives were painted in the previous railroad's paint schemes, such as the Santa Fe Warbonnet paint scheme, but were lettered and numbered as BNSF locomotives from the beginning of their service lives.


  1. Nice shot! I like the old logo too. Don't see it very often any longer.

    1. Thanks, Shelly.

      Yeah, the Heritage 1 scheme is slowly fading away these days.


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