LLPX 2285 and UP 2531 - Nose-to-nose - Dupo Yard

LLPX 2285 and UP 2531 are nose-to-nose in Union Pacific's Dupo Yard
LLPX 2285 and UP 2531 - Dupo, IL

Locomotive Leasing Partners (LLPX) 2285 and Union Pacific (UP) 2531 sit nose-to-nose in Union Pacific's Dupo Yard, along the Chester Subdivision. The locomotives were idle while awaiting their next switching duty in the yard. The tracks in the foreground, one of which is only partially show, are the two mainline tracks of the Chester Subdivision.

LLPX 2285 and UP 2531

LLPX 2285 has been owned by a number of railroad companies. It was originally built for the Penn Central Railroad as, PC 7963. It was also owned and operated by Conrail, as CR 7963, when Conrail took over the failed Penn Central Railroad. It has also served as EMDX 763 (an EMD demonstrator unit), and was at one time owned by Union Pacific, as UP 1920. Both LLPX 2285 and UP 2531 are EMD built GP38-2 models. LLPX 2285 was built in June 1972, while UP 2531 was built in January 1966, according to information at RR Picture Archives.

Dupo Yard

Dupo Yard was originally a Missouri Pacific (MoPac) facility, before Union Pacific acquired the MoPac through a merger in 1982. On the northern and central parts of the rail yard, Union Pacific has an intermodal ramp for the St. Louis area. Toward the central part of the yard, there is a maintenance shop. On the southern end of the yard, at what is called Bixby, there is a large unit yard, where coal trains often arrive and depart from. While there, the coal trains often undergo inspections, await new engine crews, and have the engines inspected and refueled.

Photo taken: August 22, 2006, at Dupo, Illinois.


  1. That's a very nice shot. I don't remember ever seeing the LLPX on a locomotive before.

    1. Thanks a lot, Shelly. LLPX locomotives were pretty common in the St. Louis area back when I took this image. Not sure what the leasing market is like these days since railroads are storing a lot of their own locomotives, due to precision scheduled railroading. I would guess that there are a lot fewer lease units, such as LLPX locomotives, roaming the rails on the Class 1 railroads.


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