I017-22, led by CSXT 3042, at CP280 on the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision

 Yesterday, my youngest and I set out to run an errand over in East Syracuse, New York, and while out we took a quick detour over to the Minoa and Kirkville areas to see if any trains could be found either at the eastern end of DeWitt Yard, or further east along the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision.

I017-22 at CP280 on the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision

While driving back west on Sainstville Road, from North Kirkville Road, I saw the control point signals at CP280 (MP QC280.5) come on, lined for a westbound on Track 1. We were in luck, well I was in luck because my youngest had fallen asleep while we drove to Kirkville.

Train Q017-22, led by CSXT 3042, rolls west at CP280
Train I017-22, led by CSXT 3042, rolls west at CP280.

 Soon, the headlight of CSXT 3042, leading train I017-22, appeared to the east, and within minutes was rolling through CP280, on Track 1. Train I017 is a priority intermodal train and runs daily from Worcester, Massachusetts, to Bedford Park, Illinois, (near Chicago, Illinois). The train carries a mixture of domestic containers in well cars and truck trailers on flat cars (TOFC), from companies such as J.B. Hunt, Schneider, and UPS.

Train Q017-22 stretches over a mile into the distance from CP280
From CP280, train I017-22 stretches almost a mile and a half into the distance.

Just over a mile and a half  west of CP280 is CSX's DeWitt Yard. The yard is on the other side of the bridge, in the far distance, in the above photograph. Above, the block signal in the far distance is at CP282, on the eastern edge of DeWitt Yard.

Looking west at CP280, along Saintsville Road, from North Kirkville Road.

Photographs taken on October 22, 2021, at Kirkville, New York.


  1. Love the cotrast of the wavy road with the smooth track in the second shot. :-)

    1. Thanks, Shelly. Photographing along Saintsville Road is becoming one of my favorite spots here. I really like to incorporate the road into my photographs here.


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